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AXA-IM SharePoint migration project - 2014 





Major challenges

  • Given the constraint imposed by the withdrawal of Microsoft support for SharePoint 2003, a challenging deadline was set: the project had to be completed for the end of March 2014.
  • These sites hosted information for a number of AXA-IM’s operational departments, sometimes across several countries. Communication by the service provider therefore had to be specific, relevant and effective.
  • The good reputation that the IT department enjoyed with the operational departments had to be maintained or even enhanced.

Given the extent of these challenges, AXA decided to hire the services of a SharePoint specialist to carry out the migration, and so it turned to Scotler.

A well-organized team capable of effective communication

  • Scheduling for the sites, effective reporting and timely feedback for clients.
  • The project was launched in late January 2014 and was completed well in advance of the initial deadline of the end of March, which was greatly appreciated by AXA-IM.
  • Relations with the various managers on the AXA site, some of whom were very high up in the organization, were handled with tact and diplomacy.
  • The team was bilingual and there was frequent interaction between the Scotler team and AXA-IM employees of different nationalities (British, Swedish, etc.) working on the same site.

Breakdown of the Scotler team set-up:


Axa-IM (a subsidiary of the AXA Group, the world leader in financial protection) is a multi-expert asset management company. AXA-IM uses SharePoint tools to manage complex projects that sometimes involve project managers of different nationalities. As SharePoint 2003 is no longer supported (support was withdrawn in March 2014), AXA-IM embarked on a process to migrate its SharePoint 2003 applications to SharePoint 2007. Several hundred sites had already been migrated, and just 80 more complex sites therefore remained.


"First-rate project organization. Delivered on schedule and even came in ahead. Well done!"

Sylvain Nierveze – Head of Department at AXA-IM – attended the weekly project review meetings and oversaw the operation