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Scotler Group

The Scotler Group is a software engineering services company that places the emphasis firmly on businesses and their IT systems. Adhering to this guiding principle, we have developed a range of services and solutions to cater for specific needs in a number of areas: decision-making, content management and the development of business-specific applications.

An innovative Group

Scotler launches and also contributes to a number of innovative projects in the health care sector. The Group has also created its own brand of multimedia terminals for hospitals (“Care and Comfort”) and contributes to the creation and marketing of innovative hospital rooms with Clinifit.

An international Group

Scotler has subsidiaries in Belgium, Romania and Canada. This presence on a variety of sites helps us to maintain a close relationship with our key accounts and provide them with support at their different locations. In a globalized environment, there is a significant cross-border challenge in, for example, ensuring that individuals communicate with one other, coordinating between subsidiaries and their parent company, and harmonizing information systems. Together, we can respond to these challenges.

A Group built first and foremost on its people

Right from the start, Scotler has prioritized the “people side” of its business: no technology, no matter how efficient and revolutionary it may be, can exist without humankind.

Our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner has been achieved first and foremost through experienced teams of staff. Regular continuing professional development and certification means that all staff – colleagues, consultants, software engineers and project managers – get to know and become proficient in the latest technologies.

Our History


Our aim is to consolidate our know-how and expertise in our traditional areas of activity, but offer new, more functional approaches that focus squarely on usage. The ever-increasing presence of technology in our daily lives requires us to offer more intuitive online and/or on-premises touch-screen solutions that directly benefit your business. We are investing significant time in understanding our clients’ needs and purposes.

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Scotler consolidates its achievements.

Scotler, an increasingly innovative company that is in touch with the market, embarks on a strategy of diversification in its solutions and services and uses its IT expertise to benefit the medical world with the launch of Care and Comfort:

  • Terminals installed in a number of hospitals, including Lille, Calais (France) and Charleroi (Belgium)
  • Contribution to the innovative room project sponsored by Clubster Santé

Launch of the Scotler holding company Génie Numérique, future sponsor of the Care and Comfort project

2003 - 2008

Scotler’s client base includes: Aéroport de Paris, France Telecom, Kraft Foods, Bonduelle, etc.

A period of strong growth, particularly on the international stage, with the opening of subsidiaries in Canada and Romania

Our performance is rewarded by OSEO, Ernst & Young and Microsoft, to whom we become a Gold Partner

2001 - 2003

Partnerships concluded with Microsoft and Cognos, Inc.

Belgian business founded


Génie Numérique, the Scotler holding company, founded