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Business Intelligence

Given your competitive environment, which often extends well beyond your national borders, the introduction of decision-making tools is increasingly necessary, if not vital. The ability to secure, classify, aggregate, analyze and publish your data analysis is a source of significant added value for your business.

 Scotler has opted to support you in your plans and provide you with its know-how in:

  • advice (pre-installation audits, feedback and communication)
  • end-to-end management of your decision-making project (providing operational advice, project management and product expertise)
  • solutions expertise (with solution audits and product and database expertise)
  • process automation (covering task analysis, product expertise and automation)

 For every aspect of our range of BI solutions, our skilled staff will be able to contribute to your project as follows:

  • consultants with a first-rate knowledge of functional issues as well as technical platforms. They contribute their know-how in pre and post-installation audits, and help you to make the right choices to maintain the balance between investment and the desired functionality.
  • experts in the databases from the major software houses (Oracle and Microsoft) help you to reflect on and structure your plans, and to tune your database installations.
  • competent, motivated decision-making engineers who can quickly become members of your staff teams for long-term projects.

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